Saturday, December 18, 2010



Children in a Red Cross orphanage
Saw this picture on and loved the colors. I really like the student lines and the many lines made from the student lines!

Technical Illustration - GarlicZoom

Cute and nifty little gadget from Chef'n which was my object of choice for a final project.
The objective of these illustrations is to "inform" the viewer of what the different parts are, how they come together, and in general how it works.
There was supposed to be a total of four illustrations: Blow-Up view, cutaway view, x-ray view, and colored (to show what the materials are). The cutaway was omitted since the little gadget is transparent.
They still haven't been corrected by the tutor, so there will probably be some changes later :)

Boiler Valve

We were to produce 5-6 versions of this valve: Pencil shading, color pencil, simple lineart, as well as three more done in three different coloring techniques of the student's choice. This one is the watercolor one. The rest are still with my tutor, so can't upload them til I get them back :)

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Blossom Cat

I'm in serious trouble as I have been unable to keep up with deadlines for some time, and it's only getting worse! Yet, I spend my time doodling cats :(